Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

Use our Money Saving Tips Directory below to find ways to eliminate unnecessary spending and reduce monthly bills. Balancing your household budget and living within your means is an essential step to successful debt free living.

You can save money everyday. These tips on saving prove my point. Here are some everyday savings possibilities courtesy of *America Saves.

Money Saving Tips

Save $.50 a day in loose change
Cut soda/pop consumption by 1 liter a week
At work, substitute 1 coffee for 1 cappuccino
Bring lunch to work (saving estimated $3/day)
Eat out 2 fewer times a month
Borrow, rather than buying, one book a month
Comparison shop for gas (save est. $.25/gallon)
Maintain checking account minimum to avoid fees
Bounce one less check a month
Pay credit card bill on time to avoid late fee
Pay off $1000 of credit card debt, reducing interest

Monthly Savings


That's a total of $237 savings per month! And, these are just a few money saving tips you can use. Save Money Everyday, Live Debt Free.